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  • Snowdonia, Wales

    Everything and everywhere seems to have a definable stereotype these days. For white girls, it’s Starbucks; for us black guys it’s chicken; for Essex, (my hometown) it’s fake tan and loose morals. Wales, has sheep. Sometimes, it’s so easy to take a stereotype that’s been repeated time after time and acknowledge that as being the absolute truth. When growing up, I assumed Wales was nothing but sheep with some fields thrown in. I didn’t have much else to go on other than Aled Jones. If anything he validated the sheep theory even more. Consumed, such were my thoughts with...

  • London

    This is the city I was born in. Most of the time, it’s my favourite place in the world. Other times, it’s the last place I want to be. All the time, it remains defiant and diverse. These are some of my favourite snaps from recent visits.


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