Feb 25, 2017

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Something you’ll very rarely catch me doing is cry. It’s one of my least favourite things to do. More specifically, crying because I’m sad is one of my least favourite things to do. I know this is nothing new to you. Even though we probably...

The Word

Feb 14, 2017

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On Tuesday February 14th 2017 it felt like my year had finally started for real. After many days wasted spent ‘wanting more from God but never actually doing anything about it’ I decided to read the Bible. Not the whole thing, obviously. But I decided...

Pepperoni Pizza, Flying Mops & Blocked Toilets

Feb 11, 2017


Expect the unexpected. I wish someone told me to do this when I moved into my house for my final year of university back in October. Nothing seems to be as conventional as I would like it to be. For starters, we have four individuals...

Taking the Milk

Feb 2, 2017


Tunde’s Log: Thursday 2nd February – 10:27am It has come to my attention that the worst thing anyone can do on this planet is state their own perfectly entitled opinion or steal milk that does not belong to them. Yesterday, our Residential Milk Thief struck...


Dec 23, 2016


You know you’re a grown ass man when you fully well understand that Santa Father Nick Christmas Claus is a figment of someone’s imagination (and cocaine addiction). He is not real. For me this was realised yet again last year when my Dad told me...

The Book

Dec 13, 2016


I think it’s time I told you about the book I’m writing. I’ve been wanting to tell you for ages, but just wanted to build a bit of a rapport with you first. You being a set of eyes I’ve never encountered (probably), gazing across your screen...


Dec 2, 2016


When I was a kid I would dream every single day. Ideas would be executed as soon as they were a thought in my brain. I had this energy that was palpable. It just kept me going. Now I’m older and when I dream, there’s...

Snapbook, Facechat

Nov 2, 2016

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About a month ago, Facebook joined Snapchat in the list of social media apps deleted from my phone. It was a carefully considered decision. In fact I probably spent too much time deliberating the idea, but eventually I came to the conclusion that it just had to...


Oct 18, 2016

Every now and again a TV show comes along that just makes you forget about reality. Challenges the very nature of what you thought was possible on a screen in 45 minutes. And forces you to succumb to the truth that anything you spend any...

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