Sep 5, 2017


I’m in Year 11. It’s a winter evening. My English teacher has set my class some homework to write something. Because it’s 2011, I’ve got a pen in my hand and a notepad on my desk at home – not an iPad. I begin to...


Aug 29, 2017

There are many colours. Red, green, blue, yellow, pink, orange, purple, grey, black, white. For some unbeknownst reason, colours are the only thing some people choose to see. Something is very wrong with that. If I was green, would people still look at me...

How To... Kill a Spider

Aug 22, 2017

The most epic, the most famous, the most spectacular standoff man has ever faced is that of man versus spider. A classic battle where only the fittest, the strongest and the bravest competitor with unmatched cunning will be the victor. Be glad because you’re reading...

Blogging Fundamentals

Aug 18, 2017

I just had a depressing experience. The last day of the Learning the Fundamentals course for new bloggers on WordPress asked that I check out the #bloggingfundamentals tag one more time and visit five other new bloggers. I did this expecting to find a tidy collection of...


Aug 15, 2017


Dad has already warned me about posting sensitive, personal material on this blog (hence why I didn’t put his picture as the featured image for this post), so I will keep this as vague and brief as my creativity allows. Today is a significant day for...

The Set-up

Aug 11, 2017

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This blog has been a long time coming in ways you don’t even understand. Let me walk you through how it came to be. Before I do that, know this. WordPress is going to be mentioned in three different contexts here, as follows: WP1 –...

Doing a Degree

Aug 8, 2017

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It used to be the case that you would be expected to go to primary school, then secondary school, after that do a few A-Levels at college before culminating your education with a degree at some university. Not all of that was compulsory to get...

Snowdonia, Wales

Aug 5, 2017

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Everything and everywhere seems to have a definable stereotype these days. For white girls, it’s Starbucks; for us black guys it’s chicken; for Essex, (my hometown) it’s fake tan and loose morals. Wales, has sheep. Sometimes, it’s so easy to take a stereotype that’s...

The New Kid

Aug 5, 2017


Technically, I’m not new. I’ve been around in the blogging business for a while. First it was Tumblr, then a new, more concise Tumblr followed that. Alongside that one was an even more concise WordPress blog, and now we find ourselves here: – a...

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