Blogging Fundamentals

Aug 18, 2017

I just had a depressing experience. The last day of the Learning the Fundamentals course for new bloggers on WordPress asked that I check out the #bloggingfundamentals tag one more time and visit five other new bloggers. I did this expecting to find a tidy collection of budding, engaging posts introducing readers to some great new blogs. I found that collection. But when I clicked on one of the blogs, that introductory post was the only thing there. Nothing else had been posted since. The same was the case for another two blogs I visited.

‘Did these people just give up?’

‘Is this what’s going to happen to me?’

It was demoralising to see so much potential talent wasted. One of the blogs was written by someone who had been putting off writing for a while because they didn’t feel their skills were good enough. Another one was from a guy who wanted to post funny pictures to spread a bit of laughter. There were no pictures. Just a few words introducing himself and that was it. It makes me sad to think that for whatever reason these people may have stopped blogging. It makes me wonder if I will follow the same path. It doesn’t seem like the most unlikely thing in the world. Alongside this I’m also meant to be writing a book, but progress hasn’t been made on that since last year.

However, I am comforted by a few other blogs that I saw on the tag. Everyone on here seems to have their own unique style, unique look, unique uniqueness and is uniquely unique. I’ve come across a lot of single parents looking to find a voice and encourage everybody. One guy has a passion to share his thoughts on different knives. Others want to detail their experiences of having travelled the world. One lady was talking about how she has to have a talk with her young black kids about how to deal with racism. Looking at all these different posts made me realise that I can write about literally anything on here. And I probably will.

You should too.