The Switch

Sep 26, 2016

If you’re looking for a review on the 2010 Jennifer Aniston rom-com, you’ve come to the wrong place. Recently I switched from my Android phone (HTC One M8) to an iPhone 6s. The action of moving from an Android phone to an iPhone or vice-versa is commonly referred to as a sin in the tech community. Well, I don’t regret this one. Let me explain why…

Recently that HTC phone kinda broke on me. It had stopped doing phone calls properly – i.e. on random, frequent occasions, around 30 seconds into the call, it would mute the other caller’s voice and I could not unmute it. Not ideal. Fixable? Oh yeah sure, probably. But I knew I was in the market for a new phone. I had my eyes set on bigger, better, faster. The OnePlus 3 was going to be my new phone of choice. A nice big 5.5 inch display, 6GB of RAM (🙉), 64GB internal storage and a 16 megapixel camera for photos so jam-packed with pixels I would need a firmware update on my own eyes to view them properly. I was so sold on this phone that it was actually sold to me for the price of £329.99. And of course I had to get a cheeky case for an extra £20.

Estimated delivery date: 21st Aug


I could wait that wasn’t the issue; it would only be two weeks. But as I was sorting out the photos on my old phone I realised something: Wow, Google knows a lot about me. It knows too much. It checks in on where I am more than my mum… And that was where the doubts started to creep in. Couple that with a reminder of how the Android operating system has so many security flaws and how easily those flaws could be exploited on the new phone which is so easily rootable, I really started to wonder if I’d made the right purchase. Whispers of ‘iPhone, iOS and Apple – together make security on mobile a staple’ were thrown around internally. Images of Shia LaBeouf shouting JUST DO IT! were so present in my mind. But I had an issue: the price. So I spent some time researching the best deal I could get. Outright, no contract I could buy an iPhone 6s 64GB for £619.

IdiotHave you no common sense? Are you insane?”

No. Obviously, that wasn’t going to work. Pay-as-you-go would be more or less of the same, paying that £619, then pay for top up every month. If I was going to get an iPhone it would have to be on contract. My previous network provider weren’t offering any reasonable upgrade deals. But, throughout my searches I came across this one deal from EE: £33.49 per month, £99.99 upfront for 5GB data, unlimited minutes and texts. Hmm that doesn’t sound too bad… Then (because all of time and responsibility had alluded me) I started to do a lot of math. Basically I wanted to find out the cost of each phone + contract over the next 2 years.

Android: Phone = £349.98 + £19.80 sim only contract for 24 months = £825.18

iPhone: Phone = £99.99 + £33.49 contract for 24 months = £903.75

So, my previous fears of an iPhone costing me +£100s for whatever reason were removed. Over the course of 2 years it would only cost an extra £80 pounds. And even then, I would be paying a lot less initially. I was convinced then. And then when my iPhone was delivered the next day I was convinced further.

*the Android phone was actually delivered on the same day as the iPhone and I was expecting the universe to collapse in on itself or explode, but instead I just passed out.

So what’s so cool about iPhone? Well, when you already own a Mac, pretty much everything. I finally get all my photos, notes, music, videos, contacts and more in one easy location without having to worry about third party apps or separate accounts. iOS feels super fast and fluid – way more so than Android. And the camera is the best I’ve used on a smartphone. I was coming from a 4 megapixel ultrapixel thing (essentially as useful as a sock for a camera), so upgrading to 12 megapixels was like ‘Oh my goodness me! Just take another £200 Apple, on me! – this is so great!’ I know it’s 4 megapixels less than the OnePlus phone but still, megapixels don’t mean everything in a great picture.

In conclusion, I realised if I put in as much effort for my report i’m meant to be conducting for a uni project, as I’ve done with researching and buying phones over the past week I could easily get a first as my overall grade. And I should probably get a hobby. Something that takes me outside.