No Connection

Jul 6, 2015

It was on Saturday July 4th that I was thrown into a cruel, unforgiving world. A dark, bleak and lowly abyss of offline content. With no Facebook to stalk people, no YouTube to watch people and no FaceTime to call people, my laptop had never felt like such a burden. As I looked at my phone I thought, sure I could call or text someone, but I didn’t want to be that guy. Looking back at my laptop I think, ‘What do you mean you can’t connect to the internet you piece of…’ I tell it some awful things, things I know aren’t true and not even it’s fault. In any case we are not on speaking terms. All this because on July 4th I had no Wi-Fi.

Really though, how did they survive without the internet?

I take a look at these things on my shelf. I think they used to call them books? With a tear rolling down my face it becomes clear that this is my only future. Mobile internet you say? It’s not an option when you’re tied down to 500MB a month and need that for a daily commute. Honestly, I will die before I talk to someone on the bus.

You learn a few things about yourself when you have no WiFi.

I learned I need to get a life